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Boys Basketball Program 2020-2021- UPDATE- 10/27 (Check back often for updates!!)
NOTE: (If Bad Weather, then there will be no workout that day)

Must Have VHSL Physical done and turned in to trainer, and bring an Emergency Care card filled out.Must have 32 ounces of water with you.

NEW---Pre-screening before workouts; (Stay in the car until you are cleared!!) NOTE: Those who are not cleared have to leave the school.

-There will be a slight change to the check in process starting THIS WEEK. We will be stationing ourselves at the concession stand outside the stadium.The trainer will stay in one spot. This way the cars can line up as if they were driving into the stadium in one straight line instead of staggering in the parking lot. It will hopefully be a faster check in. In this set up the  coaches will walk down the line with the QR code and then as the car pulls up , the trainer will take the temp, the athlete gets out of the car, and the next car can pull up.

Note:  Stay in your car until coach comes to the car and with the your phone you scan the QR code on the pad, and fill out the pre-screening questionnaire. After this the trainer will take your temperature and check that you have 32 ounces of water.Only after that , will you be cleared to get out of the car.

-Walkers- same procedure stay 6-10 feet apart, and wait for coach and trainer to come to you near the cocession stand.

This weeks schedule: (Schedule will be updated each week)

Tuesday, Oct. 27 (Track)- CANCELLED!!!!!

Wednesday, October 28 - Boys Basketball INTEREST MEETING- Link-

Thursday, Oct. 29 (Track) - 4:30pm-6pm- BRING YOUR OWN JUMP ROPE

Saturday, Oct 31 (Zoom meeting-Make sure coaches have your school email)- 11am-12:30pm

Tryouts will be Dec. 7,8, and 9. TBA
Author: Coach Robert Barnes   E-Mail: